What’s The Importance Of A Strong Domain Name?

Posted: February 3, 2015 at 4:49 pm

When you are building a website and considering what the most important long-term factors are in generating site traffic, one of the key players is your site’s domain name.

A domain name has a dramatic impact on your site. It’s essential to narrow down to a name that’s effective, but also short and sweet. Your web address is most likely going to be displayed across a wide range of things that you print, including business cards, invoices and decals, so be sure to select something that’s easy to memorize. As well as this, you’re likely to be going to have to detail how to access your site to people over the phone, meaning that an easy spelling is an absolute must. A complicated address is only going to lead to confusion and errors when somebody types it into their address bar. So consider where you’ll be putting your website address, where you’ll be talking about it and select something that’s appropriate for every purpose that you require.

Finding a good domain name is becoming increasingly difficult. There’s almost 100m domain names currently being used and this has made finding a strong, non-duplicate address a rather complicated process.

Here are some of the main pointers to bear in mind when you’re considering what domain address to use:

  • Think about registering misspellings
  • If you’re redirecting close misspellings of the domain name you’d like, you will get more traffic as a result
  • Try not to use symbols or hyphens
  • Choose a name that’s as similar as possible to your business’ name
  • Select a domain name that is short, memorable and logical

After you have chosen a domain name, it’s good practice to incorporate it into your email address. This will mean that you’re marketing your site every time that someone’s in email contact with you.

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